In awe of Mom

This Mother’s Day, I am in awe…

I am in awe of my Mom Mary who taught me that before I can love others, I need to be able to take care of myself, to be an independent thinker, to be able to make the hard calls on my own, if needed. My Mom learned she had these skills when my father died. She was 34 and alone. Somehow, she tapped into an inner strength to pull herself through, go back to work and raise four children. She is the ultimate Mom of Steel, and she is beautiful.

I am in awe of Sophie, my 92-year-old grandmother who is still learning new things. She married the son of the woman who raised her after her own mother died. This is the woman she called “Mom.” Sophie lived in my grandfather’s family home above the store where she worked most of her life. She wasn’t able to go to college, but she loves learning so much that she reads everything she can get her hands on. Sophie is one of the smartest women I know. Now she faces a new challenge in a strange place. She tells me that it’s hard to change when you’re as old as she is, but Sophie is a learner and she will figure out a way.

I am in awe of the moms that were here and are gone… my husband’s mother Heidi who worked several jobs to make sure her children had what they needed, and Bridget, who treated my husband like her own son and who he called “Mom.” I miss my Grandma Regina who, after her only child (my Dad) died, took on the task of caring for me, my sister and two brothers, while my own mother went back to work a few days a week.

I am in awe of Lynne. She had other choices, but she chose life for my son, and then chose me to be his Mommy.  I will be forever grateful to Lynne for her decision, and in awe of all women who choose forever families who will love their babies as much as they do.

I am in awe of mothers I know personally who are great moms despite it all, whether working a full-time job, suffering through a bad marriage, caring for sick parents or sick children, and other things that could make some women forget what’s really important. Not these moms.

These are the mothers that inspire me…  I am in awe.


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